Holiday Gift Guide AND Giveaway!

I am planning to do a revamp of my blog at the beginning of the new year! I want to include giveaways, favorites lists, and more! To kick things off a bit early, I wanted to create a Holiday Gift Guide! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! My wish list is quite long, but soContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide AND Giveaway!”

The Secret is Out at Maccheroni Republic

I should’ve written about the greatness that is Maccheroni Republic years ago. Why? Not only did Jonathan Gold review it last year, he just added it to his list of Great Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles. The secret is out! The hidden Italian gem across from Grand Central Market has now become the hottest ticketContinue reading “The Secret is Out at Maccheroni Republic”

Salmon, Ahi, and Wahoo, OH MY!

I want you all to be the first to know that I am in love! I have found my soul mate in Newport Beach, CA. Its name is Bear Flag Fish Co., and it is amazing! Founded in 2007, they have defined themselves as the “fish market for the new generation.” They have transformed theContinue reading “Salmon, Ahi, and Wahoo, OH MY!”