Nitrolado Debuts New Ice SCream Treats for Halloween

Nitrolado is best known for their Churro Bowls (as seen on BuzzFeed Food), but this month, they are diving head first into the Halloween holiday with treats to die for! With plenty of decorations in the small space for photo opportunities, they are serving up some seriously spooky flavors. Featuring three new ice cream flavors,Continue reading “Nitrolado Debuts New Ice SCream Treats for Halloween”

Time for Fall Flavors at Poqet Donuts

Normally, you know it’s Fall when the leaves start to change color, but not in SoCal. In Irvine, you know it’s Fall when the seasonal donut flavors change, especially at Poqet Donuts. I was invited to preview their new Fall flavors, and I have to say, they didn’t disappoint. The seasonal flavors include Caramel Popcorn,Continue reading “Time for Fall Flavors at Poqet Donuts”

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Drops in LA TODAY

The rumors are true! Mr. Holmes Bakehouse of San Francisco dessert scene fame is opening its doors this morning in Highland Park. As you are reading this, I can guarantee that you are already too late for their famous Cruffins (muffin and croissant hybrid). They will only make a certain number each day, a newContinue reading “Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Drops in LA TODAY”