Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It’s not even December, but let’s face it, the holidays have been on everyone’s minds for awhile now. Between the decorations surfacing at Costco several weeks ago and the endless holiday gift guides that are listed on your favorite blogs and store sites, I can finally say with confidence that the holidays are here. Something I’ve noticed about said gift guides, there’s way too much ‘stuff’ to choose from. I don’t know about you, but if I see the perfect gift for someone, I don’t need a guide to tell me that it’s the perfect gift. What I need is a short and sweet guide that will help me determine the perfect gift for that one cousin, or that one co-worker, or the hostess of a party I didn’t think I would be invited to. I couldn’t find such a guide, so I made one. Keep scrolling…


Whether you don’t know what to get your boyfriend, brother, father-in-law, or creepy uncle, I guarantee that one of these will work. The Whiskey Advent Calendar from Master of Malt is festive in more ways than one. A custom jerky box from People’s Choice Beef Jerky is perfect for the foodie in your life. They have so many different flavors to choose from and the story behind the company is enough to make you want to support such a brand. As for the Xbox, I know what you’re thinking; however, the graphics are amazing and Costco has a bundle deal. I purchased the UGG® slippers several years ago for an individual who still wears them to this day.



I’m obsessed with Winc wine club. The wines start at $13, you can build your own box from their thorough selection, and each wine comes with a card that tells you all about the wine, its origins, tasting notes, and a recipe from a notable chef or food blogger that pairs with that wine. I feel like such a classy adult with every new shipment. This is a great gift option to give someone, or to gift yourself. You will never run out of wine to grab and go for parties throughout the year. You will be the favorite guest of every hostess. Another unique gift option is BOXFOX build-your-own gift boxes. They have curated boxes organized by theme/occasion, or you can build your own from their wide selection of gifts – with everything from notebooks, to shot glasses, to candles, to succulents. For the foodie on your list, I would recommend the luxe chocolates from Compartes, especially their chocolate bars. They have a wide variety of flavors including Cereal Bowl, Donuts & Coffee, Matcha, Hazelnut Toast, and so many more. Every girl appreciates chocolate, and their packaging & variety of flavors will satisfy every taste. Last, but not least, the best mug ever. Just kidding, but not really. Even though all I can think about lately is the Gilmore Girls revival, I know this isn’t the case for everyone. Between Etsy and Amazon, there is no shortage of sassy mugs on the internet, but The Trendy Sparrow has some of my favorites. As someone who is constantly trying to properly adult, I understand the importance of mugs – your weekend mug, your work desk mug, your mug for guests, etc. You can really never have too many…hence, my hefty collection.



I was very late to the Amazon bandwagon, but it is safe to say that I am no thoroughly obsessed. You can order almost anything, and if you have the Prime membership, there are so many perks! If you know someone who is either addicted to Amazon, or doesn’t know the wonderment that they could be experiencing, a gift card is the perfect stocking stuffer. If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve seen that funny socks are all the rage, especially the ones asking everyone around you to bring you wine. They are all over Etsy, and they have a ton of sayings on them. Take a gander at SOCK Dirty to Me’s options! If you need a small gift for an in-law, hostess, or the chef in your life, exotic spices and salts can be the perfect gift! I’ve been to several different artisanal fairs, stores, and farmers markets that carry a wide selection and can give you tips on what foods to pair them with. Himalayan Pink Salt is all the rage right now, and makes a great finishing salt for a variety of simple egg, salad, and toast dishes. Besides food, what is everyone else absolutely obsessed with? Their phones! With the market of phone cases absolutely flooded, the prices are lower and the options are endless. Casetify has so many options for anyone on your gift list – from lattes to wiener dogs (my two favorite things).


If you made it to the very end, I commend you! I hope that this list was short, sweet, and helpful! Keep an eye out for my holiday giveaway coming up in the next couple of weeks featuring items on this list! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates!

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