10 Things I Learned in 2016


  1. My sweet tooth is stronger than ever.
  2. Poke burritos are the best invention since sliced bread.
  3. Regardless of their temperature or quality, I will eat french fries if they are in front of me.
  4. Vietnamese food should be a large part of everyone’s food pyramid.
  5. I am a shell of a human when not properly caffeinated every 3 hours.
  6. I am no longer embarrassed to stand on a chair for the perfect food flatlay.
  7. Tea isn’t that bad.
  8. Even though I’m not a Parks and Recreation fan, I now understand the importance of Treating Yo Self.
  9. The Roomba is my favorite roommate.
  10. Cooking isn’t as difficult as I’ve always made it out to be.


One thought on “10 Things I Learned in 2016

  1. Can’t wait to see 2017 food places and desserts. Good Job Jenna, I am so proud of you and your achievements. Love Auntie Jaymie..

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