5 Tips for Social Media Success For Your Small Business

Whether you are starting a new brand, or updating a current brand by bolstering your online presence through social media, there are several actions you can take to set yourself up for success. Besides the obvious building blocks, cohesive branding & accurate listing information, the below tips are just as important to include in yourContinue reading “5 Tips for Social Media Success For Your Small Business”

Spending National Cookie Day with Chunk-N-Chip

With all of the inclusive and outrageous food holidays, I love it when a food holiday comes along that reminds you why they are relevant and fun. National Cookie Day is one of those holidays. I’m spending the holiday with Chunk-N-Chip in Santa Ana. They are a family owned small business that creates seasonal Craft IceContinue reading “Spending National Cookie Day with Chunk-N-Chip”