Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Long Beach

I’m a huge pizza fan. HUGE. When I heard Rance’s was opening in Long Beach, excitement ensued. Even though this is their second location, this one is in closer proximity to my couch, so it constitutes as a new favorite neighborhood pizza joint. Did I mention that they value cheese as a life choice asContinue reading “Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Long Beach”

Korean Fried Chicken Wing Dreams

Among my long list of untapped restaurants and food items, Korean Fried Chicken kept moving closer and closer to the top. I had heard of some spots in LA, but hadn’t gotten the courage to bypass my Downtown favorites in order to get there. When I was invited to check out Bonchon Costa Mesa, the newestContinue reading “Korean Fried Chicken Wing Dreams”

Exploring a New Corner of Garden Grove

Newly opened restaurant Ha Noi Corner, in Garden Grove, is serving up the most authentic Northern Vietnamese cuisine this side of, well, Hanoi. Right off of Garden Grove Blvd., this family owned establishment presents a full menu with recognizable Vietnamese dishes, as well as more specialized regional items, such as deep fried egg fish andContinue reading “Exploring a New Corner of Garden Grove”