Sundays are for Coffee & Toast

You’ve seen the many pictures on my Instagram, but I wouldn’t be letting you all in on the not-so-secret source of my happiness every Sunday if I didn’t write a blog about it, so here it goes! Wide Eyes Open Palms is a pop-up coffee shop at various farmers markets in Long Beach, most notably, theContinue reading “Sundays are for Coffee & Toast”

A New Taste of Tuscany at BRIO

When I started working in Irvine almost two years ago, I felt lost at lunchtime. I didn’t have co-workers that I felt close enough to go food venturing with, and the only sight to see within a mile of the office was more office parks and housing. I wasn’t super impressed with the selections atContinue reading “A New Taste of Tuscany at BRIO”

#NationalIceCreamDay at Nitrolado

Today is National Ice Cream Day, or in other words, the best day of Summer! I’ll be stopping by Nitrolado after dinner to celebrate! Besides their liquid nitrogen ice cream cups, they have the most delicious churro bowls! Only served on the weekends, you have the option of original, chocolate, and matcha flavors. They make the perfectContinue reading “#NationalIceCreamDay at Nitrolado”