Munchin’ and Brunchin’ at Taco Maria

This will be the first time I cover a restaurant twice, but before you get upset, I promise it’s beyond worth the second post! I have been dying to try their weekend brunch Prix Fixe menu for quite some time, and I finally got the chance!

*Disclaimer: I was able to try multiple options from each course because I dined with other people that chose different dishes. I HIGHLY recommend doing this, so you can try everything because it is all impeccable!*


For the first course, you have a choice of Yogurt & Fruit OR Molletes. I already know what you’re thinking… Why would you choose Yogurt Mousse, Granola, and Guava over Molletes with Beans, Queso Fresco, Salsa Tatemada, and Huitlacoche Butter? The answer? Because it’s equally delicious. Seriously. This yogurt terrarium kicks ass. As for the Molletes, you MUST cover them in the salsa and butter that it’s served with. MUST.





Similar to the first course, the second course might not seem like a hard decision, but again, they are both equally nom-worthy. The Oatmeal is served with Vanilla Butter and Ember Strawberries. It has the best consistency and flavor without being too sweet with the strawberries. The Blood Orange Pancakes served with Ricotta and Thyme Maple Syrup are straight out of a dream. The small stack of two is the perfect portion, leaving you wanting just one more bite.





Both dishes in the third course come with an egg on top, so obviously there isn’t a wrong choice here. The Chilaquiles come with Crispy Tortillas, Chile Cascabel, Queso Cotija, and a Fried Egg with your choice of meat; in our case, we chose Ribeye. This dish also made my Top 10 Favorite #PutAnEggOnIt dishes! The Huevos Pescador was a decadent take on the traditional Eggs Benedict, which is a brunch fav of mine. It was covered in Dungeness Crab and Shellfish Hollandaise on top of Toasted Brioche and topped with a Poached Egg.





If you don’t make your reservations now, you’re crazy and clearly allergic to all food. This spot is perfect for a brunch date, Sunday with the girls, impressing the in-laws, or basically any Saturday or Sunday with anyone.

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