Local Spotlight: Carreras Cemitas

How did it take me this long to discover Carreras Cemitas? Why have I been living my life without  these Cemitas? Long story short, I read various articles talking about the La China Poblano truck from the pre-Kogi food truck days in LA, and then I read about the owners opening this place in an unlikely neighborhood of Long Beach. As soon as I found out this classic favorite of Jonathan Gold and Russ Parsons was right in my backyard, I had to give it a try, PRONTO!



I could only eat so much, so for now, I definitely recommend their “off-menu” tacos which you can get with any of the meats that they offer. The green salsa on the tables put these babies over the top! Of the amazing and numerous Cemitas choices, I’d go with the Carnitas for your first go around. It was delish and stuffed to the brim with Oaxacan cheese, avocado, onions, and a little spice. Click here to see the Anatomy of this Pueblan Sandwich!

I can’t wait to go back and update you all on their burrito game 😉

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