Something for Everyone at Sushi Kinoya

The title says it all! I’m a little particular when it comes to sushi. A lot of my friends think sushi means fried shrimp, panko crumbs, and cream cheese. Yes, I said cream cheese. I’ve seen it, and it’s sad. However, once in awhile, you find a place that will please everyone’s definition of “sushi,”Continue reading “Something for Everyone at Sushi Kinoya”

Fried Food Fest at the OC Night Market

Two weekends ago, I went to the OC Night Market with my family at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  It was filled with food, music, and PEOPLE. Seriously, so crowded. First, we indulged in some french fries covered in crab and cheese. These were definitely a little indulgent. They were delicious, but too heavy to startContinue reading “Fried Food Fest at the OC Night Market”