Fried Food Fest at the OC Night Market

Two weekends ago, I went to the OC Night Market with my family at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  It was filled with food, music, and PEOPLE. Seriously, so crowded.


First, we indulged in some french fries covered in crab and cheese. These were definitely a little indulgent. They were delicious, but too heavy to start out with.


This Horchata/Coffee concoction from Contra Coffee & Tea was GOLD. I love putting horchata and coffee together, and when someone is serving it, I have to try it! This definitely didn’t disappoint!


I was not expecting this Strawberry Lemonade to be this amazing! Seriously! This lemonade was not overly sweet, though I’m sure it had plenty of sugar. It was so refreshing; I wanted to try all of the flavors. If you are at a fairground that is serving Main Squeeze, do yourself a favor and indulge!


We also couldn’t resist the whole fried squid from Squid Roe. We opted for the spicy asian seasoning, which really wasn’t all that spicy. I enjoyed this because I LOVE squid; however, if you are sensitive or dislike a heavy batter, this is NOT for you.


This was a great way to end our fried food tour. The ice cream wasn’t too rich and the churro was perfectly crispy! Check out Ridges Churro Bar’s other flavors! It also made for a great Insta photo!


Between the food, art, and crowds, the OC Night Market is definitely a must-see! For more information and future dates, visit

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