Broken Spanish Doesn’t Need Fixin’

After the openings of B.S. Taqueria and Broken Spanish, I was counting down the days until I got to visit Chef Ray Garcia’s creations. Between the overwhelmingly positive media attention and drool-worthy Instagram photos, I decided it was safe enough to venture to for my birthday dinner, even though I had never been there. (It’s very unlike me to not choose a tried and true favorite). I couldn’t be happier that I chose to celebrate my birthday at my new favorite DTLA restaurant! We chose a bunch of dishes to share:


We started off with fresh corn tortillas served with whipped carnitas fat. Yes, you heard me right.unnamed-1

My parents got the Shrimp Cascabel with Pequin, Guajes, and Pineapple. It looked amazing, and made me wish I wasn’t allergic to shrimp.


My dad ordered the Green beans served with a Poached Egg, Sofrito, Salsa Chapuline, and Cotija.


This Oxtail Quesadilla served with Plantains, Habanero, and Salsa Quemada was another favorite of mine.


The largest dish we got was the Red Snapper served with Leeks, Green Clamato, Clams, and Avocado. The fish was perfectly cooked, and the clams were very complimentary to the snapper.


My favorite dish that we ordered was the Lamb neck Tamales, with King Oyster Mushrooms and Queso Oaxaca. I love lamb, but only lamb that is cooked well. This just might be the best lamb dish I have ever had. The masa wasn’t too thick and the lamb was so juicy and tasty. I highly recommend this dish!


Of course, we couldn’t skip dessert! Their Tres leches Milk Sponge cake with Dulce Cream, Strawberries, and Crema Sorbet was so delicious without being overly sweet. 


Chef Ray Garcia truly has a masterpiece on his hands with this one. His dishes are creative and the vibe is casual and cool. Its proximity to LA Live makes this a hot-spot in Downtown and definitely my go-to for any pre-event dinners in that area.

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