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Gjusta has gotten a lot of hype in the last year. A LOT. It was recognized as one of Bon Appetit’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants in America this year. That is a big statement to make. I had been wanting to go, but had heard mixed reviews, never about the food, but about the service, which kept me from making the trek out there. However, on a recent Monday around 1PM, my mind was blown and I will forever regret waiting so long to try this place!

I mean, just look at these sandwiches!


Smoked Brisket Butcher: sourdough baguette, olive oil, salt & pepper, natural jus. Second best brisket I have ever had next to Austin’s Franklin BBQ.



Porchetta Melt: griddled rapini & onions, fontina.

This thing was stuffed to the brim with FLAVOR and the porchetta was some of the best I have ever had! I highly recommend this for hungry hungry hippos on your first visit.

In acknowledging what some would perceive as drawbacks, things are a little pricey, but in comparison to what you would be spending for average quality food, the extra couple bucks is SO worth it! Also, when you first walk in, the format to order is a little strange. For pastries and a few other options, you can get in line or step up to the counter, but for sandwiches you must walk halfway in and take a ticket from a hidden dispenser and wait for your number to be called. I went on a Monday, so no complaints here, but I can see how this might annoy people, especially given the number of people running around behind the counter. Consider the complaints I have heard from others DEBUNKED.

PRO TIP: We loved it so much, we wanted to take home some goodies for dinner. This was the best idea we could have had! We discussed what we were thinking with one of the guys behind the counter, who was SUPER helpful and he helped us craft an equally delicious dinner. We took home some Pastrami Gravlax, Smoked River Trout, Pickled Red Onions, homemade bread, and Scallion Labneh. We had the perfect makings for Smoked Fish Toast for dinner in the comfort of our own home. IT WAS AMAZING. I would definitely recommend not leaving this place empty handed, especially without the Labneh. This thick spread puts even the best cream cheese to SHAME! It is so creamy, flavorful, and delicious; I regret not buying more!

What are you waiting for? Go get in line and order a sandwich bigger than your face! Keep in mind, their menu is EXTENSIVE. If you don’t want a sandwich, get one of their amazing salads, or flatbread, or pastry, or breakfast bagel, or any of the other amazing options!

For more information, visit http://www.gjusta.com/

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