Street Food in the ‘dena

Unless I’m promised a breakfast burrito from Lucky Boy, I usually don’t make the trek up to Pasadena. However, my best friend just moved there, so I’ve taken a special interest in exploring our fooding options beyond my beloved breakfast burrito. On the pickier side, my friend is a big fan of Thai food, and I’ve seen CHIM Thai Street Food all over Instagram lately, so I knew we had to try it!

This place isn’t in the main part of Pasadena and it’s location and size is definitely deceiving. It’s on the small side, so if you are coming at prime lunch or dinner times, expect a wait. We only tried a couple of things, but loved them all!

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I’m a fan of duck, if it is done well, and here – it is done well. It was served on top of rice with greens, cucumbers and a side of sauce, that I didn’t even use because the dish didn’t need it. It was the perfect portion and the veggies balanced out the meat and rice.


Above is the spicy basil dish with chicken. It’s served with bell peppers, basil, and a spicy garlic sauce, along with a side of rice and salad. This was another tasty dish with the perfect portions of each component.


Last, but not least, we got the Crispy Chicken dish with scallions, cilantro, and chili lime juice. My friend isn’t a fan of spicy, but this was the perfect level of subtle heat.

I really want to go back to try some of their appetizers and their pad thai because it all looked delicious. If you are in the area and looking for a new lunch spot that won’t put you in a food coma, I definitely recommend this place.


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