Mexican-French Fusion at Anepalco’s Cafe

If you haven’t noticed, I have been on a bit of a Mexican food kick lately. Sorry, not sorry. However, my most recent experience at Anepalco’s was a nice change of pace. Why, you ask? Anepalco’s Cafe, in Orange, specializes in Mexican-French fusion cuisine. Intrigued? Read on. I have visited their Chapman Avenue location aContinue reading “Mexican-French Fusion at Anepalco’s Cafe”

Playing at the Packing House

I finally made it to the Anaheim Packing District! I was out of town for the grand opening on May 31, and have been wanting to visit ever since. Luckily, I had a Friday off of work, so I made lunch plans with my dad to visit the new marketplace. I knew I wanted myContinue reading “Playing at the Packing House”