Holiday Gift Guide AND Giveaway!

I am planning to do a revamp of my blog at the beginning of the new year! I want to include giveaways, favorites lists, and more! To kick things off a bit early, I wanted to create a Holiday Gift Guide! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! My wish list is quite long, but soContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide AND Giveaway!”

Grand Central Market Favorites – Part I

I have vague memories of visiting Grand Central Market as a young girl. My most recent visits couldn’t have been more different. Now, it has become a marketplace of old and new, which I hope they stick with because I would hate nothing more than to see some of my childhood favorites leave. Since thereContinue reading “Grand Central Market Favorites – Part I”

Outside Lands Day Three

Day 3 of Outside Lands can be summed up in two words: trucks and lands. We ate from so many food trucks and frequented Wine Lands, Beer Lands, Cheese Lands, and Choco Lands the entire day. There were so many food trucks to choose from, but we narrowed it down to Bacon Bacon, Del Popolo,Continue reading “Outside Lands Day Three”