A Piece of Italy in Costa Mesa

Vitaly is a wonderful cafe located inside The Camp in Costa Mesa. I was lucky enough to dine here with some co-workers for our quarterly meeting. The space is awesome! There is a cute espresso bar on the inside directly next to the gelato counter (which I was too full to indulge in…don’t hate me). Then,Continue reading “A Piece of Italy in Costa Mesa”

The Secret is Out at Maccheroni Republic

I should’ve written about the greatness that is Maccheroni Republic years ago. Why? Not only did Jonathan Gold review it last year, he just added it to his list of Great Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles. The secret is out! The hidden Italian gem across from Grand Central Market has now become the hottest ticketContinue reading “The Secret is Out at Maccheroni Republic”

The Decadence of MB Post

When I think of MB Post, I immediately think of their Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits. As soon as you sit down, do yourself a favor, and place an order for those biscuits. They are a great starter to any meal, and the bacon will help clear your head enough to navigate through their menu. EverythingContinue reading “The Decadence of MB Post”