The Decadence of MB Post

When I think of MB Post, I immediately think of their Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits. As soon as you sit down, do yourself a favor, and place an order for those biscuits. They are a great starter to any meal, and the bacon will help clear your head enough to navigate through their menu. Everything sounds and tastes delicious, which makes choosing one main dish so difficult. If you don’t mind sharing, I recommend ordering family style and sharing, so you can try more of Chef David LeFevre’s dishes.
On my last trip, my best friend and I ate on the lighter side. First, we shared the biscuits, then the Brussels Sprouts, and lastly, the Orcchiette with Pork Sausage. Back to the biscuits: They are perfectly flaky and served with the most decadent maple butter that begs to be spread on each and every bite. The Brussels Sprouts drip of butter, hazelnut, and sage. I love Brussels Sprouts, but I LOVE MB Post’s Brussels Sprouts. They are so rich and packed with flavor; I could easily eat 3 orders to myself. This was my first time trying the Orcchiette, and I hope it is on the menu when I return. It was served with Pork Sausage, Rapini, Parmesan Shavings, and a Soft Egg. We broke the yolk and used it as a sauce to coat the pasta with before we attacked it. The yolk made the already rich pasta, even richer, but still palatable. I was expecting the Pork Sausage to be too heavy for the seemingly light pasta, but it fit very well. The ratio of meat to house-made Orcchiette was excellent.
MB Post was one of the first dining establishments that put Manhattan Beach, and the South Bay for that matter, on the map. Many have continued to follow in its footsteps and hold their own. I have heard numerous recommendations to try their brunch, so that is on my to-do list for my next visit to the South Bay!
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