Guisados: Taco Heaven

When Jonathan Gold came out with his 101 Best Restaurants list last year, I made it my mission to visit all of them, no matter how long it would take. Unfortunately, his 2014 list is coming out in a few days and I have barely made a dent in last year’s list.

Of the restaurants on the 2013 list, Guisados is one of my favorites. I am obsessed with tacos, horchata, coffee, and good customer service. Guisados has always given me the best of both. Despite the line around the corner every Sunday that I roll in, the food is always prepared in a timely manner and the cooks, cashiers, and customers always have a smile on their face. Although I am always open to trying new things, I am infamously indecisive when it comes to ordering. For my first time, and almost every time since, I have opted for the taco sampler. For only $6.95, you receive 6 of the best tacos you will every inhale. An array of steak, chicken, and pork tacos are placed artfully on a platter fit for a taco king. You can taste the freshness in the ingredients, especially the tortillas that are made right. next. door. Does it get any better? Glad you asked. They serve Stumptown Coffee. If you want to instantly improve your day, go in and order their horchata with cold-brew Stumptown mixed in. You can thank me later. If you are looking for something other than the taco sampler, I suggest the quesadilla with the addition of black beans. It is simple, classic, and delicious. I was lucky enough to go to Guisados with some brave souls who tried the Chiles Torreados. This choice is not for the faint of heart. As Jonathan Gold so eloquently put it, it “overwhelms everything it touches with sustained chile heat.” I was not, nor will I ever be, brave enough to try it.

I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a repeat on this year’s 101 Best list.

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