Taste of Mexico 2015

In 2010, The Taste of Mexico Association was created by LA’s top Mexican restaurateurs. Their annual food event attracts  LA’s best cultural tastemakers and influencers. I was lucky enough to attend their event this year, and the endless tacos, tostadas, tortas, and more were an absolute treat! Below are some of my favorites! Taco deContinue reading “Taste of Mexico 2015”

Taco Tuesday: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

I knew that my visit to San Diego would entail lots of delicious noms. I knew that I was definitely going to hit up the Carnitas Snack Shack, but didn’t have any other specifics on my list. All I knew was that I wanted fish tacos in and around my mouth the moment I droveContinue reading “Taco Tuesday: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood”

Taco Monday at Corazon y Miel

At the beginning of this month, I attended the most unique taco dinner with my family. It was unique because it was 7 courses and took place on a Monday, not the typical ‘Taco Tuesday. But, wait! I haven’t even mentioned the best part! The dinner took place at Corazon y Miel in Bell withContinue reading “Taco Monday at Corazon y Miel”