Paella Sunday at smoke.oil.salt

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of dining with a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time. We decided to go to smoke.oil.salt on Melrose for their Prix Fixe Paella Sunday Menu. This menu includes a rotating menu featuring regular menu items and exclusive dishes with a choice of a starter, a medium plate, choice of a paella (meat, seafood, or vegetarian) to share, and a choice of dessert.


We started by ordering wine flights to pair with our meal. I ordered the Red Flight while my dining counterpart ordered the Sherry Flight. Both were suggested by our very attentive and knowledgeable server.
The first dish to come out was the chilled gazpacho. It was a great starter to the meal, as the portion was very small and the flavors were subtle and crisp.


Next, we enjoyed the Flori-col Amb Allets. In other words, the most delicious caramelized cauliflower and broccoli of my life. The other medium dish we ordered was the Braves Trencades, which was both of our favorites. It consists of fried potatoes, serrano ham, chorizo, and a fried egg on top. It was absolute heaven.


The star of the show was the Meat Paella. Our options were limited in choosing the paella. I am allergic to shrimp, so that eliminated the Seafood option, and I refuse to order anything that has the word ‘vegetarian’ in the title. The rabbit was cooked perfectly and the Rosemary provided depth to the dish. I liked that it wasn’t rice heavy; it allowed the other ingredients to stand out.


For dessert, we ordered both options, the Chocolate Pate and the Almond Cake. I knew I would love the Chocolate Pate, and boy was I correct! The consistency resembled a flourless chocolate cake and the salted caramel dollops were perfect in size and provided just a bite of savory to the dish. Surprisingly, I also loved the almond cake. I am not the biggest nut fan in the world, but I have an open mind. The jam was the perfect topping for the cake and definitely helped balanced the nutty flavor.


I can’t wait to return with my mom, so she can have the Seafood Paella all to herself. Paella Sundays are the perfect way to end your weekend. The portions are perfect, the food is awesome, and the price is fantastic. I recommend coming with someone who is willing to share, as the Prix Fixe menu has 2-3 options per section. With Perfecto Rocher in the kitchen, you know your tastebuds are going to get a proper tour of Spain. This is a great addition to the already bustling Melrose.

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