Salmon, Ahi, and Wahoo, OH MY!

I want you all to be the first to know that I am in love! I have found my soul mate in Newport Beach, CA. Its name is Bear Flag Fish Co., and it is amazing! Founded in 2007, they have defined themselves as the “fish market for the new generation.” They have transformed the typical fish market experience into one that is modern, approachable, and more than just a market. Although they have a set menu, you can pretty much get away with whatever combination you want. They keep a list of available fish for that day on a board, and you can choose to eat it on a plate, in tacos, or as a sandwich. The staff is very knowledgable about the preparation of the fish and what combinations go well together. In addition to the restaurant aspect, they have a full selection of fish to purchase, and appetizers to eat there or take home, including Calamari Salad, Seaweed Salad, Ahi Poke, Salmon Poke, and various sushi rolls and sashimi options. This place has EVERYTHING. When I found it, I went 4 times in one week. I’m not joking.
My favorites, so far, have been the tacos and the poke. Of the tacos, I have had Ono tacos, Swordfish tacos, and Calamari Tacos, all of which have been awesome, fresh, and perfectly prepared. In addition to what you get, I highly recommend to get a small or medium container of mixed Salmon and Ahi Poke as an appetizer or side to your dish. It comes with lightly salted chips and it is just the most refreshing dish I have had in recent months. There are too many options to choose from, and I regret sticking to my favorites and not trying more to report back my findings; however, this is a place that one must experience for themselves.

With two locations in Newport Beach, Bear Flag Fish Co. just made Orange County my new favorite place. To find out more information on the restaurant/fish market, visit their website at

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  1. Bryan Tsunoda

    Thanks for taking the time to review this. I noticed that they had a food truck and wasn’t aware that they had a brick & mortar. I have to check it out!

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