Taco Monday at Corazon y Miel


At the beginning of this month, I attended the most unique taco dinner with my family. It was unique because it was 7 courses and took place on a Monday, not the typical ‘Taco Tuesday. But, wait! I haven’t even mentioned the best part! The dinner took place at Corazon y Miel in Bell with Chef Eduardo Ruiz featuring Chef Wes Avila of Guerrilla Tacos. I knew I was in store for an amazing collaborative experience.


The meal started off adventurous with a Sunchoke Chip, Avocado Mousse, and a Crispy Cricket to top it off. It was a bite-sized portion and simply a salty and crispy treat.


Next, we enjoyed a Caesar Salad Taco with Smoked Trout, Caper-Anchovy Sauce, Radish, and Lettuce on a crispy Flour Tortilla. The Trout was a nice surprise and alternative to the typical anchovy. I thought the lettuce would overwhelm the taco, but the crispy tortilla and trout skin balanced out the greens.


This Hamachi Taco was pure bliss! The freshest of fish was topped off with Sliced Mandarin, Chives, and Yuzu Oil. The Mandarin gave the taco a nice tart edge and was one of favorites of the night.


The largest taco of them all was the Guisado. It was one of the most unique of the night. The Celery Root played the role of meat and was prepared as such. Topped off with Cojita Cheese and Oxtail Broth, the large tortilla could barely hold it in.


Did you ever think you would hear me say that my second favorite taco of this dinner was the veggie taco! This Pomegranate and Pumpkin Taco was short and sweet! On the small side, this taco cleansed the palate and provided a nice break from all of the strong savory flavors.


Although my mother was too scared to try it, this was definitely my favorite taco! This Fried Pork Head Cheese and Pickled Romanesco was perfectly crispy and flavorful!


The last taco was a Braised Goat creation. I don’t think I have ever had goat before, and I was reluctant to try it as it is my favorite animal at local petting zoos, but I have to say, I am a changed woman. The meat was juicy and just a little game-y with a dollop of red salsa on top. It was definitely a great end to the meal.


If you have a chance to dine at Corazon y Miel or Guerrilla Tacos, I highly recommend both! They completely transform every single ingredient and combine flavors that you never thought possible. I hope that they decide to collaborate on a future dinner, so I can be first in line to attend.

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