Saturdays at the 4th Street Market

Ever since visiting the Anaheim Packing House, I am obsessed with open dining complexes! When I heard about the new 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, I couldn’t wait to go! When I heard there was a Portola Coffee Lab there, I knew I had to go there, NOW!


Obviously, my first stop was Portola Coffee Lab. I ordered the Gaspar which is their version of a cortado. There is a reason that Portola has been chosen as Roaster of the Year. From the sourcing, to roasting, to brewing, everything is done with craft and care. Their goal is to serve only the utmost quality brewed beverages to their customers, and that they do! Click here to learn more:



It’s okay. You’re allowed to drool. This was the second reason I needed to rush here! Long story short, Wagyu Chuck is 1 of several food stands in the market from Jason Quinn, the culinary genius behind Playground and Dough Exchange. After seeing the ‘Double’ on Instagram, I knew that I had to give it a try. It was like In-N-Out’s Double Double on steroids. The meat was of the utmost quality and the over-the-top cheese and sauce were absolutely FANTASTIC! I have craved this burger every second of every day since taking my last bite.

INSIDER TIP: I will be going back for the $14 burger, which takes up a mysterious blank space on the menu. Rumor has it, it is THE Playground burger.




This fried chicken was easily the biggest surprise for me. This fried chicken could not have gotten more perfectly crisp on the outside and more perfectly moist on the inside. YUM YUM YUM! The first taste that hits the tongue is definitely cinnamon sweetness, but it’s immediately cut by the perfect combination of Southwestern spices. The coleslaw was perfectly sweet and acidic and a great accompaniment to the chicken.

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This market has transformed Downtown Santa Ana and has given people a whole new reason to explore the burgeoning area. There are still several vendors that I need to try and I can’t wait to go back!

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