Spending National Cookie Day with Chunk-N-Chip

With all of the inclusive and outrageous food holidays, I love it when a food holiday comes along that reminds you why they are relevant and fun. National Cookie Day is one of those holidays. I’m spending the holiday with Chunk-N-Chip in Santa Ana. They are a family owned small business that creates seasonal Craft IceContinue reading “Spending National Cookie Day with Chunk-N-Chip”

Saturdays at the 4th Street Market

Ever since visiting the Anaheim Packing House, I am obsessed with open dining complexes! When I heard about the new 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, I couldn’t wait to go! When I heard there was a Portola Coffee Lab there, I knew I had to go there, NOW! Obviously, my first stop was PortolaContinue reading “Saturdays at the 4th Street Market”