Slappy Hour and More at Slapfish

I don’t know how I haven’t blogged about Slapfish yet! I love Slapfish! It is such a great option for fresh seafood in a fun setting! Not only that, but the staff (specifically at the Huntington Beach location) is just the best!

On my first visit, a couple of years ago, they had some different menu items, most of which contained shrimp. I wasn’t aware of this when my family and I ordered several menu items, including their lobster dip. When the food was brought to the table, my options were limited, and the waitress could see I was only picking at some of the food and came over to ask if everything was okay. I informed her of the situation, but took full responsibility in that I should’ve asked before I ordered, and I laughed it off making sure she knew I was going to be just fine and this wasn’t the first time I’ve had a seafood mix-up! Minutes later, she came out with a lobster-only taco stuffed to the brim with meat, and apologized for the situation. I told her that this was not at all necessary, but a wonderful gesture and I was very thankful. I was even more thankful when I took a bite! It was awesome! Ever since, I have always noted the friendly service, willingness to answer questions, and attentiveness to the tables.

Now, onto the food! My favorites include:


Chowder Fries with Bacon



Whether you’re getting the Ultimate Fish Taco or the $2 minis at ‘Slappy Hour,’ you will be a happy camper!



The Lobster Roll is a classic!



This Fried Fish Sandwich is one of the newer menu items and definitely my favorite! The ratio of fish to bun to fresh veggies to sauce is perfect. I’m drooling.



Last, but not least, the Fish and Chips burrito is also one of the newer additions to the menu. They needed a burrito on their menu, and I’m SO glad they made it this one! It is stuffed with spinach, tomatoes, rice, french fries, and TONS of fish! And it’s massive!



INSIDER TIP: Every day from 3-5PM and 8PM-9PM they have ‘Slappy Hour’ which is their version of happy hour. There are some serious deals on a bunch of dishes!

The chef’s commitment to sustainability is truly admirable. Click here to read more about their commitment to sustainable seafood:

For more information and to view their other locations, visit

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  1. Nancy Fisher

    Can’t beat the chowder fries and happy hour menu! Great service and terrific cooks! So glad they’re in our neighborhood 😎

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