Taco Tuesday: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

I knew that my visit to San Diego would entail lots of delicious noms. I knew that I was definitely going to hit up the Carnitas Snack Shack, but didn’t have any other specifics on my list. All I knew was that I wanted fish tacos in and around my mouth the moment I drove into town. I did some research on Yelp and narrowed it down to a few places, and eventually decided on Oscar’s Mexican Seafood in La Jolla. Great decision. No, make that BEST DECISION.


The battered fish taco and the grilled octopus taco are the way to go! The breading on the fish is perfect! It’s not too heavy, but still crispy and piping hot when it’s served to you. The accoutrement on top isn’t overwhelming either. Not too much cabbage or pico and very fresh tasting. In addition, the sauces that are hiding in the mini-fridge on the counter are DE-LISH! The grilled octopus taco was awesome too! I’m picky when it comes to octopus because if it’s not cooked correctly it becomes chewy and inedible. Not here! They know what they’re doing behind the counter. Speaking of counters, you get to enjoy your tacos just up the street from the ocean on a casual counter on the sidewalk; basically, that’s my version of a perfect lunch.

I didn’t have a chance to try everything I wanted to, but I will be back for the torta. I saw a couple that other people ordered, and I almost yanked it out of their hands as I walked by.

For more information, visit http://oscarsmexicanseafood.com/.

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