The Spirit of Aloha at Liholiho Yacht Club

I can’t contain my excitement! I will be at one of Eater’s Best New Restaurants in America in exactly one week! I have to confess; I have been to Liholiho Yacht Club before, but it was so good that I am going back. I’m not just going back, I’m going back to celebrate my birthday! It will take all of my will power to not get the exact same dishes because they were all SO. DAMN. DELICIOUS.

I truly cannot say enough great things about this restaurant. This beautiful creation is the brainchild of Chef Ravi Kapur (formerly of Boulevard and Prospect) and the powerhouses behind Nopa and Nopalito, Allyson Jossel and Jeff Hanak. Between Kapur’s passion and the Jossel/Hanak winning formula, Liholiho Yacht Club is nothing short of perfection. The space is bright and welcoming, the staff is top-notch (I can’t emphasize this enough), and the food is as if Kapur is sending out each dish especially for your table. From entrance to exit, you feel the personal connection that restaurants strive to convey to their patrons, and this is the only time I have experienced it to such a powerful degree.



First, we indulged in the Tuna Poke covered in sesame oil and radish on top of the crunchiest of nori crackers. We should’ve ordered two. This was the perfect start to the meal and some of the best poke I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot).



I am a sucker for curry. I am a sucker for clams. Obviously, I loved the Manila Clams doused in the most delicious coconut curry with snap peas, turmeric and served with a side of garlic naan. The spice and intensity of flavor packed into this bowl of curry was insane. It could’ve been a soup, all I needed was a spoon.



The Twice Cooked Pork Belly should’ve been called the extra crunchy, flavorful belly of pork. The crunch was so intense, it was difficult to cut with a knife. The pineapple, thai basil, and fennel provided complimentary flavors to the rich flavor and fat of the belly.



I saved the best for last. I mean, just look at this masterpiece. The Roasted Octopus was served with curried raisins, castelvetrano, butterball potatoes, and cilantro. The octopus was PERFECTLY cooked. If you know the detriments of even the slightest overcooked or undercooked octopus, you understand how important and refreshing it is to have such perfection be on a plate in front of you. If I could eat this dish for every single meal, I would. The raisins cut the richness of the octopus and provide a sweet after taste along with the savory and comfort of the potato bites it is served with. If you like octopus, you must order this dish. MUST.


Liholiho Yacht Club is truly deserving of the accolades it has received and I consider myself lucky to have experienced it not once, but soon twice. Follow me on Instagram, for more updates from my birthday meal next week.

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