Getting Baked at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

On my last trip to San Francisco, I had two places that I HAD TO GO TO: Liholiho Yacht Club (which is another amazing tale for another amazing day), and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.


Luckily for me, we were staying right up the street from the bakery. Since I was by myself, I wanted to act like I knew what I was doing. I walked up and immediately got in the line that had formed up the street. Some people had stickers, some didn’t, but I didn’t want to ask questions. All of a sudden, there’s people walking right into the bakery and picking up the delicious goodies that I had been so patiently waiting for. Turns out, I was in the ‘Cruffin’ line (a cross between a muffin and croissant). This is a line that forms shortly after the bakery opens. You are limited to 2 per customer, hence the stickers. Everyone in line with a sticker was guaranteed a cruffin. If you didn’t have a sticker, depending on how many were purchased by each person in front of you, you might just get lucky. AND GET LUCKY I DID. I got the LAST CRUFFIN OF THE DAY. The flavor of the day happened to be White Chocolate Blueberry, and I was excited due to the hype surrounding it, but I’ll be honest, I was worried that it was going to be overrated. More on that later.


After getting my single cruffin, I walked in with a box ready to fill with even more goodies. They had scones, cookies, brioche donuts filled with yummy peanut butter cream, and more creative sweets! I couldn’t resist! I got way too many items, but it was well worth it! Everything from the scone to the simple chocolate chip cookie was to die for!


Back at the hotel, I finally got to indulge in the CRUFFIN. It is by far one of the most creative and delicious desserts I have ever had. The richness of the white chocolate flavor and freshness of the blueberry compote inside this oddly shaped, perfectly flaky and fluffy concoction, exceeded my expectations. Run, don’t walk, and get in the cruffin line right this moment!

For major bakery #foodporn and to see more of their creative offerings, follow them on Instagram.

I can’t wait to return on my next SF trip in just a couple of weeks!

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