It’s Finally Fall at Sidecar Doughnuts


Sidecar Doughnuts is a dessert destination in Orange County, and they are gearing up for their next location in Santa Monica! In addition to their delicious selection of flavors, they have specials each month that are truly over the top! October’s flavors have definitely been my favorite so far!

Malasada with Blackberry Jam: Raised and filled with house made blackberry jam, and topped with a sugar sprinkle.

Hummingbird: Banana pineapple spice cake with cream cheese glaze and roasted pecans.

Pink Lady Apple: Raised and topped with a house made pink lady apple compote and quince glaze; finished with our signature pie crust crumble.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin spice cake topped with house made pumpkin glaze.

(not pictured)

Butterscotch Pot de Creme: Raised and topped with house made butterscotch creme, maple creme fraiche, and Jacobsen Sea Salt.

Chocolate with Sea Salt: Raised and topped with Callebaut chocolate glaze and Jacobsen Sea Salt.

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