Guest Blogger: Gifts from Aryn V. this Valentine’s Day

For today’s post I thought I’d have my friend Aryn write something for the blog. She’s definitely a cool-girl, (and not the Amy Dunne definition of one…Gone Girl fans? Anyone?). I mean, come on, her blog is called More Bourbon, Please! I am obsessed with her sense of fashion and decor and thought she would bring some unique ideas to what is a misinterpreted holiday, and definitely a time to step up your chocolate and teddy bear game. Scroll to peep her picks!



Hi! My name is Aryn, a friend of Jenna’s, and am so excited that she was so gracious to ask me to post about Valentine’s Day goodies today.
A lot of people seem to think that Valentine’s Day is just a mushy commercial holiday. But I tend to think of it as a red and pink opportunity to show your appreciation for your special someone, girlfriends, and the ladies in your family. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just chocolates and flowers – though I do adore a good bouquet of roses and lilies. If anything V-day is the perfect excuse to buy those concert tickets you both really wanted (last year we went skiing in Tahoe! ) or to enable an expensive candle addiction.
Here are a few of my more tangible picks for Valentine’s Day.


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