Guest Blogger: Gifts from Aryn V. this Valentine’s Day

For today’s post I thought I’d have my friend Aryn write something for the blog. She’s definitely a cool-girl, (and not the Amy Dunne definition of one…Gone Girl fans? Anyone?). I mean, come on, her blog is called More Bourbon, Please! I am obsessed with her sense of fashion and decor and thought she wouldContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Gifts from Aryn V. this Valentine’s Day”

Friday Favorites: Date Night

Since Valentine’s Day is next week, I though I would focus my Friday Favorites post this week on my favorite places to go on a date night! It’s ironic that all of these places are located in and around Hollywood, because that definitely isn’t my favorite place on a Saturday night…way too crowded. If youContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Date Night”