Top 5 Eats at Outside Lands 2016

As you know from my previous post, I was lucky enough to attend Outside Lands again this Summer to discover more of the amazing food the festival has to offer! Year after year, the restaurant lineup only gets better. With the addition of Ground Lands, Cocktail Magic, and a private dining event by Trestle, Another Planet Entertainment isn’t messing around! Yesterday I shared just a taste of what the weekend had to offer, but I saved my top 5 picks for below. If you don’t buy a pass for next year’s festival just based on this #FoodPorn below, you’re crazy! In no particular order:

#1. Chicken Skin Sandwich from Rove Kitchen


This sandwich was the perfect ratio of fried chicken skin, pickles, and slaw. This was definitely one of the more popular dishes at the festival. You couldn’t walk to a stage without seeing a few pass by in the hungry hands of festival-goers.

2. Heritage Pork Chorizo Sausage and Curtido Sauerkraut Melt from The Farmer’s Wife


I know that this list is supposed to feature my top five food picks with no particular hierarchy, but this sandwich was the best thing we ate at the festival. The portion size was generous, the ingredients were fresh and tasted amazing together, and the chorizo was perfectly cooked, and not at all greasy – which is a common gripe I usually have with the meat.

3. Cheeseburger from The Bacon Bacon Truck


Bacon Bacon always has a hit on their hands. Since they burst on the scene a few years ago, this truck has been at the top of SF’s event list ever since. After having their burrito last year, I knew I needed this cheeseburger in my life. Do you see the gap between the patties? There’s a brick of bacon right in the middle, and it is glorious! The cheese not only covered the entire burger, but was dripping off of the sides of the top patty, need I say more? My only regret was no getting chocolate covered bacon for dessert.


4. Lamb Poutine Sloppy Joe from Azalina’s

unnamed (1)

This was the dark horse of our choices this year. We didn’t know what to expect when we ordered it, but damn it was good. The lamb had a great flavor, and was in no way overcooked or gamey. I think this was originally supposed to be a simple lamb sandwich, but they added the ‘sloppy joe’ to make sure you knew the wonderful mess that you were getting yourself into.

5. Breakfast Sandwich from Precita Park Cafe


If you know me, you know that breakfast sandwiches are my weakness. While my dining companion wouldn’t agree in the slightest that this is one of my top five picks, I have to do it. The bacon, egg, and cheese combo on fresh bread just gets me. It gets me every damn time.

If you attended Outside Lands this year, or in the past, COMMENT below with your favorite eats from the festival. There might be a chance I haven’t tried it yet, and would love to add it to my list for next year!

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