Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Long Beach

I’m a huge pizza fan. HUGE. When I heard Rance’s was opening in Long Beach, excitement ensued. Even though this is their second location, this one is in closer proximity to my couch, so it constitutes as a new favorite neighborhood pizza joint. Did I mention that they value cheese as a life choice asContinue reading “Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Long Beach”

Generations of Jerky

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the People’s Choice Beef Jerky. After some initial research, I thought I knew what to expect. Armed with my phone and DSLR, I trekked to the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Upon first glance of their website,Continue reading “Generations of Jerky”

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Drops in LA TODAY

The rumors are true! Mr. Holmes Bakehouse of San Francisco dessert scene fame is opening its doors this morning in Highland Park. As you are reading this, I can guarantee that you are already too late for their famous Cruffins (muffin and croissant hybrid). They will only make a certain number each day, a newContinue reading “Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Drops in LA TODAY”