Spending National Cookie Day with Chunk-N-Chip

With all of the inclusive and outrageous food holidays, I love it when a food holiday comes along that reminds you why they are relevant and fun. National Cookie Day is one of those holidays.

I’m spending the holiday with Chunk-N-Chip in Santa Ana. They are a family owned small business that creates seasonal Craft Ice Cream Sammiches® with innovative ice cream flavors and oven-warmed cookies. In their words, their products are made with NO artificial whatchamacallits, and your sweet tooth can taste the difference!

Flavors like Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Matcha Green Tea, Brioche, and Snickerdoodle are par baked, so when you order your cookie or ice cream sandwich, they are warmed to order. While classics stay on the menu, they get creative each season. Currently, some of my favorites include their Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream with gingersnap pieces, Berry Cobbler and Donut Bacon Brittle. Out of the cookies, their Apple Cider cookie is currently stealing the show! I’m sure all of the combos are killer, but their Berry Cobbler ice cream sandwiched between two Apple Cider Cookies was the bomb dot com. This sounds silly, but I always feel less guilty about eating sweets when they are fruit-flavored. I’m aware this makes no sense…

Their storefront is located inside the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana which makes this the perfect date destination. You can nosh on a few different cuisines, play board games on their patio while listening to live music, then finish off with dessert from Chunk-N-Chip!

For good measure, if your date doesn’t involve cookies, you still win. See below for Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream goodness.

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