Sundays at The Starling Diner

BREAKING NEWS: I found my new favorite Sunday brunch joint, and it was right in my backyard. The Starling Diner is in the middle of a neighborhood on 3rd Street in Long Beach, CA and has been around since 2007. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal and The Starling Diner has plenty of options for everyone. When you walk in, you immediately feel as if you are dining in someone’s home. Between the size, decor, and service, you feel very comfortable right off the bat.
I love their mimosas. It takes a very good alternative beverage for me to forgo coffee during breakfast, but their mimosas are not only beautiful, but also quite delicious. My favorite so far is the pear mimosa with lavender garnish.
Their Breakfast Bruschetta is the perfect place to start. It is broiled baguette slices slathered with creamy mascarpone and topped with fresh berries. The first time I ordered it, I was pleasantly surprised to see honey on each slice of baguette which wasn’t in the description on the menu. It was the perfect natural sweetener to an already decadent dish. Similar to the mimosa and every other dish that I have had so far, everything is beautiful and delicious.
Speaking of sweet, the Broiled San Francisco Stuffed Toast is my favorite ‘dessert for breakfast’ item on the menu. They broil the French toast and stuff it with creamy mascarpone and creme fraiche and top it with various fruits including berries, peaches, caramelized apples, and other seasonal specials.
For savory, I chose the Blue Crab Cake Scramble upon a recommendation from a friend. He did not lead me astray. The blue crab cakes were the perfect consistency and went very well with the fluffy scrambled eggs. If you are an adventurous bruncher, I would definitely recommend this one.

The story behind The Starling Diner is quite an interesting one. The owner opened her first cafe in San Francisco in 1995 after graduating from Rutgers Law. Reverie Cafe was her first successful venture, and although she has since sold it, I couldn’t be happier that she decided to open her third venture, The Starling Diner, so close to my home. The Starling Diner has been around for 7 years and I hope that it stays open for 70 more! Be sure to check out their sister cafe, La Galette Creperie, if you are ever in San Clemente.
If you ever would like to meet me in person, chances are I am here drinking a mimosa or dirty chai latte on Sunday mornings! Also, they are open for dinner Thursday-Saturday from 5PM-9PM which I can’t wait to check out sometime soon!
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