At Home with the Italian Fisherman

As of recent, I have been trying to eat out just a little bit less. In doing so, I have been having some amazing kitchen adventures with fellow foodies that I am lucky enough to call my friends. I will be featuring some of these dinners with you. For the first “At Home” post, I wanted to share with you my friend Andrew, also known as the Italian Fisherman. A little bit of a backstory, he has been friends with my boyfriend since elementary school and they share many memories of Catalina trips and fishing excursions over the years. Recently, though, it seems Andrew is on an overnight fishing trip every other weekend, but we can’t complain for not seeing him as much, because when we do…
He shares the fruits of his labor with all of us. Last week, we were invited over for seafood night with some close friends and family. It was truly a group effort in preparing the meal. Andrew was running the kitchen and showing off his Yellowtail catches, his girlfriend was frying some pieces, I was forming rice balls for the nigiri, and my boyfriend and others were rolling sushi rolls and preparing poke with onions, avocado, Sriracha and some secret ingredients.


With 15 pounds of fish prepared four different ways, everyone had a different favorite. My favorite was the Yellowtail Sashimi and Spicy Poke. Even though summer is almost over with August right around the corner, I hope that we get to have many more dinners with our friends.
Maybe even a pizza night coming up…(hint hint: keep a look out for At Home with the Garske brothers).

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