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Coffee makes me feel alive. Coffee gives me life. In other words, coffee is life. So, obviously, when Mason Coffee reached out to me about doing a collaboration, I happily agreed. Little did I know, they were going to get me hooked. They sent me their collection of 4 flavors to try: Original, Vanilla, Lavender, and Mint. Their packaging is simple, but colorful which I love, and anything I can throw in my purse running out the door is extremely convenient. While all of the flavors are unique, the underlying quality of the coffee is obvious. Deriving form a sibling team who found solace in cold brew in a society drowning in traditional office pots of hot coffee, Mason Coffee is the epitome of what makes cold brew great. It’s smooth, rich, and refreshing, even more so with their unique collection of flavors. Even though the Original is still my favorite of the bunch, the Mint is a close second. It has a subtle bite in flavor, and compliments the inherent taste of the cold brew base. Their Vanilla and Lavender flavors were also very balanced and smooth. This cold brew got me through a busy day at work, a relaxing afternoon on the beach, a road trip to San Francisco, and morning running errands. Basically, this brand and beverage fits right into my lifestyle. I get my caffeine fix; it tastes great; it’s portable; and people love the way the jar looks, so you are getting quizzical stares and inquiries whilst you caffeinate.   Another plus is their location! They are based in LA, and I love to support local businesses. Another plus? You can order Mason Coffee right to your door, or even start a subscription! You mean to tell me that I can live a life where there is always a jar of cold brew in my refrigerator for me to grab on my way out the door? Every morning? Sign me up! You can also find their jars at a few LA hotspots. If you are new to cold brew coffee, or you dislike hot coffee and have been looking for more options than what is available to you at a corporate chain on every street corner, check these guys out. You will never regret having a great glass of cold brew.

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Pro tip: I can’t wait to get my next batch of cold brew from them. Rumor has it, if you combine half Vanilla and half Mint, you will get a taste reminiscent of the beloved Thin Mints.

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